19 Feb

Who’s Daniel Jeddman?

Read more about him from the link below.

This channel is officially attributed to Daniel Jeddman. An international praise and worship leader in Hamburg, Germany. And a Gospel Artiste. Daniel Jeddman is well known for his great experience in composing, arranging and harmonizing songs. Some calls him The Doctor of Music others call him the professor of Music. Daniel Jeddman is highly gifted and passionate about music as a whole and has greatly impacted many young aspirants to walk in his footsteps. Daniel has so many mentees, spiritual sons and daughters and people who see him as a role model. Jeddman is a Theologian aside Music. A well endowed experience for that matter. He teaches, equips and empowers many through his ministrations and communications. Daniel Jeddman is a herald of God Almighty. He sees and says what God says. Daniel Jeddman is a prophet of the Lord most high. You are greatly welcome to Daniel’s channel. Be sure to share, subscribe and click the bell near the subscription button. God bless and keep you safe.


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