Motivational Speaker and Preacher, Sylvester Ofori to get Death Penalty + 145 years imprisonments


Ghanaian pastor Sylvester Ofori to get
Death penalty +145 years in prison for shooting his wife.

A new report sighted online has dug in to reveal the punishments that are given to people who commits intensive crimes in Florida.
According to the report, the Ghanaian U.S based pastor’s crime was to the extreme and might be punished accordingly to what the laws of Florida court says.

The report debunked rumors of Pastor Ofori handing himself to the police and revealed it was lie and had no truth to what actually happened.
After the shooting, police went to this apartment building on Raleigh Street where Ofori and Tommey had, at one point, lived together. Investigators said they brought the SWAT team and eventually found him in the home

We had a good feeling he was going to be in there. We don’t believe there was any risk to the public or immediate danger to the public.

In a video sighted by, we get to know Florida still holds Capital Punishment for offenders who take people’s life. And based on the turn of events, is quite evident Mr Ofori may face similar charges for aiding wife Barbara Tommey’s passing


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