Sunday, September 20, 2020


There was a woman called Miriam she had 3 sons and 2 daughters but she had divorced her husband. Life was indeed difficult for her but in all she took steps of faith to cater for her 5 children whose ages ranged from 5years old to 19 years old. She was a strong Christian. My friends, grace abounds in so many ways.

One day, on her way from an evening service she came across an old wretched hand bag which laid right in front of her. She reluctantly bypassed it as normally as it was not worth taking. Right after six steps away from the bag a strong wind blew in front of her which got her and the kids a bit terrified (because the husband had spoken a curse after she left him). Least did she know she had moved swiftly backwards to stumble over the bag she had hesitantly rejected. Then a voice spoke to her to pick up the bag and give it to the 3rd Son to hold till they get home. But Miriam refuted the voice and rebuked it. She fled that scene with her children towards the way home. Suddenly it started raining so heavily! Then she shouted!

“Oh Kweku Nsia leave me and my children alone in peace…?!”

At this time they were all drenched in the rain and stood in awe as it rained even the worse. Miriam was confused what had suddenly occurred since she closed from church. Before she knew it, the same bag she rejected picking up was right infront of her again! As it’s logically grounded that the rain might have floated and drew it coincidentally towards her.

Ancient ornaments, jewels, 10 bars of gold, 6 pieces of diamonds and 14 sapphires; the same precious things she saw as she was praying was the exact in reality. “…Oh my God?!!!…” she screamed and fell off her back again in shock. In fact she had actually fainted. Kojo the second born had to quickly get water to wash her face to revive from her unfortunately unconscious state due to the scene of shock.

The children became terrified but hopeful for what’s about to happen to their lives. After all wealth is not to be compared to a loving mother like she was who will always seek the face of God with all her children and thought them the way to go so they become prominent in life and pillars for the kingdom of God. Indeed what they witnessed was overwhelming! All six of them were in shock, emotional and excited about what had unfolded.

Definitely they will now be filthy rich according to the plans of God he had designated for them. It was just a matter of time. Right from that faithful Friday evening their lives were totally transformed. Miriam being a single mom before this glorious manifestation of the power of God things was not easy at all for her and her always growing rapid children as they were. One significant thing about them all was they were all genius.

Sarah the first born was in her third year in the University Of Legon in Accra. She was 19years old, Kojo the second was a professional keyboardist and even at 17years he was elected to play the national anthem infront of the president of Ghana. Ammi, 14yrs was the third and most handsome and intelligent amongst Miriam’s children.

The sweet 11years called Angel was the fourth and so beautiful, actually she was the best in her school in all areas both biblically and in all subjects. Just as her name goes she portrayed as such. Her school mates used to call her “Angel Esther ” due to the fact that Esther in the Bible was a great heroine for the people of Israel when she became the queen to King Xerxes after winning tthe beauty pageant in the book of Esther in the Holy Bible. Esther 2:3-4. David was the fifth born and the strongest. Oh yes! That little boy has an extraordinary strength that baffles the whole city of Accra. David was only 5years old. He had recently started writing books about nutrition even at his tender age. These children were created for signs and wonders. May you also receive your portion in Jesus Name!



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