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Are you getting banned due to “bot clicks” on Adsense?

This is one of the very important questions. A discussion was opened to collect the Adsense publisher experience with these bots, The main question was Are bot clicks on Adsense getting you banned?

I was recently talking with a friend about how our adsense accounts were banned a few years back and it was a good conversation. We were talking about all the ways an adsense account gets banned and then we started talking about all the click bots out there just damaging peoples accounts.

Now the bots out there have been rampant for years. Google has been pretty good at figuring out what is a bot click and what is a natural click, but they’re not always nice about it. If your adsense gets hit with a few hundred bot clicks a day and you’re only getting 10 uniques, they will most likely ban your account without asking you any questions. This is kind of bad for business because not everyone is running the bots on their own websites. Some people are running bots on hundreds of websites that aren’t they’re own just so they can do testing. These programmers don’t care about your website and couldn’t care less if you get banned from adsense. They do care about their bot working and you’re just the guinea pig Are bot clicks on adsense getting you banned?

Like I said, Google is pretty good about noticing the bots… now. But back in 2003 to 2005 when I was running adsense I definitely got hit by a bot because my earnings shot up to $100+ a day for 2 days and then I was banned. I had no clue what was going on and the only response I got from Google was letting me know that I was banned but I could still use their other services like gmail and Google analytics if I wanted to. WTF?

Hopefully Google is more friendly to it’s users now, because back in the day they didn’t seem to care much Are bot clicks on adsense getting you banned?


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