Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor dispatches ‘angels from Africa’ to help him win USA PRESIDENTIAL election outrightly


America’s Presidential Spiritual Advisor, Paula Michelle White-Cain claims angels from Africa are being dispatched to the US to secure President Donald Trump’s re-election. 

In a rather hilarious viral video which spotted on social media, Pastor Paula White who was leading an impassioned prayer service is seen purportedly battling the “demonic confederacies” that are attempting to steal the election from Trump.

She was heard saying:

“I hear a sound of victory. The Lord says it is done. For I hear, victory, victory, victory!”

“Angels are being dispatched right now.” Then the prayer got even more bizarre as she uttered, “Angels have been dispatched from Africa right now. They’re coming here, in the name of Jesus.” She continued her chant in Latin, and repeated “I hear the sound of victory”.

This comes barely 48hours after Democratic Presidential opponent, Joe Biden emerged in the lead in the polls and the results are set to be announced soon.


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