23 Jul

Why is Christianity Collapsing in Europe?

First of all, let me correct you on this. Christianity was never alive in Europe! Yet alone dying; That was just a little correction. Well now to your question again, because there’s too much politics in Christianity. And sad to say so many people think God is going to come down any moment soon to change hearts of mankind or so.

The simple truth is, we are all gods on earth who unfortunately are too intelligent for the place they were brought to inhabit. The earth now seems too small for mankind to inhabit.

Greed, corruption and backbiting is one root cause of the death of Christianity as you asked Mr Vinod.

One sad lie almost every christian thinks is being purchased by the Blood Of Jesus so we can restore ourselves anytime as we wish and still ask for forgiveness and forgetting the scar we left on others at the expense of our insubordination.

Muslims are coming like rushing waters. The only secret is, even though there’s really no safe religion excluding Christianity which is by far a relationship with Christ Jesus, the new Muslim Era is very discipline, serious with their religion and take no nonsense!

In simple words, the declination of Christianity as you can see is basically because the so called people of God have taken the ‘Grace’ of God for granted, do almost everything anyhow and still know they will be forgiven.

Pastors these days are afraid to chastise their members because they will lose them if care is not taken. Men of God are not bold enough to call a spade a spade. But sees a cat and are forced to call it a sheep by some kind of faith I don’t even know where it migrated from.

Christianity in this new age LACK DISCIPLINE.

And we can only count on a few responsible leaders whose names are even hidden because of the TRUTH they poise. Many of those noise makers with their numerous crowed are full evil dogma and strategic words to lure them to commit themselves to believing wrong words.

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