19 Feb

Who’s Daniel Jeddman?

Read more about him from the link below. This channel is officially attributed to Daniel Jeddman. An international praise and worship leader in Hamburg, Germany. And a Gospel Artiste. Daniel Jeddman is well known for his great experience in composing, arranging and harmonizing songs. Some calls him The Doctor of Music others call him the […]

27 Oct

Latest Single – Hye Me Ma by Daniel Jeddman x K. Anani

A great Ghana Gospel Song or (Ghana worship) song to flow with early in the morning or late in the night. Actually an all-rounder.   This song is all about the HOLY SPIRIT empowering and strengthening us.To walk, to run the race of life.To live a life of expectancy in the sight of GOD. To […]

24 Jul

GOD IS ALWAYS THERE – Daniel Jeddman

GOD IS ALWAYS THERE – LYRICS God has always been there He has always been there for us Why don’t you give him a try now somebody God is always there oh yeah Giving you a helping hand In your good times, and in bad times He will never let you down He will pick […]