20 Feb

Justin Bieber preaches to closely 98 Million followers on his Instagram Account

Easter Sunday was last weekend, and while many of us were putting on our Easter dresses and ties, Justin Bieber, the pop star who experienced the life-changing power of the Gospel, shared his own Easter message with his 98 million Instagram followers. Bieber boldly said Easter is “a reminder that my Jesus died on the […]

19 Feb

Why is Christianity dying in Europe?

First of all, let me correct you on this. Christianity was never alive in Europe! Yet alone dying; That was just a little correction. Well now to your question again, because there’s too much politics in Christianity. And sad to say so many people think God is going to come down any moment soon to […]

19 Feb

Who’s Daniel Jeddman?

Read more about him from the link below. This channel is officially attributed to Daniel Jeddman. An international praise and worship leader in Hamburg, Germany. And a Gospel Artiste. Daniel Jeddman is well known for his great experience in composing, arranging and harmonizing songs. Some calls him The Doctor of Music others call him the […]

19 Feb

An Answer to this question on Quora

A VERY CONTROVERSIAL POINT OF VIEW FROM A QUESTION  POISED ON QUORA If you talk about ‘religions’ it’s a bit broad. Be specific with your question. You sound blasphemy in your words combinations. You can’t mix religion with eschatology. But you can ask or talk about eschatology if you can flow in anthropology. Now, let […]

27 Oct

Latest Single – Hye Me Ma by Daniel Jeddman x K. Anani

A great Ghana Gospel Song or (Ghana worship) song to flow with early in the morning or late in the night. Actually an all-rounder.   This song is all about the HOLY SPIRIT empowering and strengthening us.To walk, to run the race of life.To live a life of expectancy in the sight of GOD. To […]