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Daniel Jeddman, christened Daniel Jedidiah Adu-Boahene was born on the 18th November to Bishop Collins Adu-Boahene and Rev. Mrs. Gifty Adu-Boahene. He is a Gospel Artist, Composer and a Book Author.

Daniel is a mentor to many.

German-based Ghanaian Gospel sensational, Daniel Jeddman christened Daniel Adu-Boahene has turned out to be the courier of Gospel genre of music in the Central and Western Europe. He started doing active music 15 years ago, with his first song titled “Woara”.

In 2009, after pursuing a degree in Knust-Kumasi, BSC. Mathematics, he had a call up to travel to Europe to continue his education and ministry in 2011, which by God’s grace he’s been able to balance the music and work simultaneously for all these years. So from 2011 till date, he’s been in Germany representing my motherland Ghana internationally as well.

Daniel Jeddman collaborated with Kwesi Anani Ghana on a single in October 2018 entitled Hye Me Ma. And in the same year, he featured Azariah (An international bassist and a real younger brother), Josie Koomson & Ohemaa Vimmsy all German-Based Ghanaians, summing up to a total features of at least 4 artists on his album.

He is as well looking forward to work with great sensations like Diana Hamilton whom he will be sharing the same stage with on the 28th December 2019 in Hamburg, Germany ahead of a gospel event, Joe Mettle, Emmanuel Smith, Donnie Mclurkin, Ohemaa Mercy, Travis Greene and at least some 10 more.

Daniel Jeddman is a Ghanaian native from Kwahu in the Eastern region of Ghana. His mom, Revd. Evangelist Gifty Adu-Boahene was one of the most sorted icons in Ghana soap opera those days (Obra and co) and his dad, Bishop Collins Adu-Boahene a consecrated bishop is in a full time ministry in Europe. He’s currently been away for 8 years now and making arrangements to come down in 2020 for a mega event which will have everything to do with his current trending song Woara which featured Azariah & Josie Koomson.

His record label Daniel Jeddman Music is looking at a great response from bigger brands in Usa, Uk and Uk ahead of the new Woara emerging and a new single will be released on Sunday 24th November 2019, Your Grace – featuring Sylvia Boakye which hopefully will be loved by all inhabitants across the borders of the earth.

Connect with him on the top rated social media platforms. @Daniel Jeddman, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also on digital market or stores, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube.

Bsc. Mathematics, KNUST 2009, Diploma in Holy Spirit-Filled Theology.

Book Author, Gospel Artist, Social Worker. Currently in proceedings in completing his most anticipated book, “Death – The Inevitable Friend” amongst others. From silent speculations, this book is possible to reach every corner of the world regarding it’s content quality and volume of words embedded in pages. It’s high time the world get to understand death is gain. Specifically the Christian world who have been griipped with so much fear instead of embracing and accepting death whole heartedly.

If we would live on earth as travellers instead of owners the world would have been safe enough. No wonder there is so much hatred, jealousy, pride and envy all over. Because everyone wants to prove they deserve the best over the other instead of all of us coming together to achieve in love and unity.

I even believe by so doing, death might vacate for a while into other planets until further notice.

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7 August 2021

August Praise 2021
“Stone restaurant”
15 Yellow Av. New York

This year August Praise will be in a very beautiful style. We are expecting a very great transformation by God’s grace. Be getting ready for a supernatural turn around. See you soon in August!

15 December 2021

It’s another great time to be with the Lord.
“Chilli bar”
145 Red Av. Los Angeles

We are together again! Just praising the Lord.

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