Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Learn “Hye Me Ma” by Daniel Jeddman and K. Anani easily

HYE ME MA (FILL ME HOLY SPIRIT) - Daniel Jeddman x K. Anani

„Your Grace“ was served as the SPECIAL SONG of celebration during the Classic and Authentic Graduation Ceremony in Hamburg

When you “diligently” trust in the Lord your God he never fails you. Big ups...

Michael B. Jordan‘s Exponential Message in response to Chadwick’s Demise

Michael Jordan is broken, but his message to Chadwick makes him an exceptional king

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Tik Tok will be banned from the US app stores from Sunday” Moment

Trump executive orders also require removal of WeChat from Apple and Google’s app stores in US TikTok will be...

Provence, a historical acme of France

A great history about another side of this beautiful world Provence...

Are you getting banned due to “bot clicks” on Adsense?

This is one of the very important questions. A discussion was opened to collect the Adsense publisher experience with these bots, The...

The gospel sensational, Diana Hamilton has finally released her highly anticipated song “ADOM”

Grace is divine. Grace is unmerited. Grace is sufficient through Jesus.